Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Black Country Communion return with their third studio offering ‘Afterglow’, another blistering blues and soul infused rock album. No drawn out improvisations here, just solid and instantly 'catchy' songs ('Midnight Sun', ‘Big Train’, 'Confessor' and 'The Circle' being prime examples) featuring great playing from musical masters Bonamassa/Bonham/Sherinian, an excellent production job courtesy of Kevin Shirley and sublime 'Purplesque' lead vocals from ‘The Voice of Rock’ Glenn Hughes. The epic title track features an understated Led Zep intro before taking off in a totally different direction allowing guitar god Joe Bonamassa to launch into a spectacular solo. Perhaps the real uniqueness of BCC is the seamless way they transcend the notion of rock sub-genres delivering a clearly defined classic rock sound that is both organic and original!

Christopher Franklin

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  1. Thanks, that is all I need to read! These guys are so solid together...a full sound and high energy.