Friday, 18 May 2012


Great White's pure passion for music hasn’t faltered despite 'personnel' trials and tribulations. The band's 12th studio album 'Elation' (featuring original members guitarist Mark Kendall, keyboardist/guitarist Michael Lardie, drummer Audie Desbrow plus ‘fresh fins’ bassist Scott Snyder and XYZ voxman Terry Ilous) showcases a rock n' roll team completely re-charged and re-focused. From the rollicking bluesy rock of '(I've Got) Something For You', and the raucous sassy shuffle of 'Promise Land', to soulful radio-friendly melodic milestones 'Hard To Say Goodbye', 'Love Is Enough' and 'Heart Of A Man' the group's trademark hard rock sound is most definitely back-on-track. Terry Ilous' characteristic vocal delivery is perfect and has proved a 'positive' inspiration. A back-to-basics blues rock album from a band in a state of euphoria!

Mark Crampton

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