Monday, 30 April 2012


Swedish hard rockers Europe have gone back to blues basics for their 9th studio album 'Bag Of Bones' with the help of producer Kevin Shirley who has worked his magic yet again. Opener 'Riches To Rags' sets the standard whilst lead cut 'Not Supposed To Sing The Blues' (an addictive Led Zep workout) burns the house down. Inspiring compositions such as the title track (which features Joe Bonamassa on slide guitar) and the Deep Purple-esque 'My Woman My Friend' add depth. Elsewhere the straight-forward hard rock of 'Firebox' and the stripped-down acoustic tingle of ‘Drink And A Smile' are stadium-filling hallmarks.The shining twin stars of singer Joey Tempest and guitarist John Norum stand-out trumps here providing perfect interplay. Europe were born to sing the blues... contender for rock album of the year!

Mark Crampton

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