Friday, 6 April 2012


Comeback albums are often like middle-aged men getting new Porsches. It may have seemed like this when Accept got together with vocalist Mark Tornillo for 2010’s 'Blood Of The Nations', a potent record that won rave reviews. The German metal band’s latest, 'Stalingrad' is taking that comeback and running with it. From the chugging guitars and sky-splitting vocals of opener 'Hung Drawn And Quartered' to the doom-laden riffs of the title track and the smouldering menace of 'Twist Of Fate', this album successfully builds on the gargantuan superstructure of its predecessor. True peace comes on the battlefield when each side has fought a worthy battle that both can respect. This is the spirit that this record breathes and the reason why it will be as big a hit in Russia as it is in Germany, the two nations whose titanic struggle inspired its epic theme!

Colin Liddell

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