Friday, 7 June 2013


'13’ heralds a very welcome return of the old-school signature sound reminiscent of 'vintage' Black Sabbath. The synths and theatrics have been stripped away to reveal just the right amount of light and pure darkness. That earthy essence is revealed on album opener ‘The End Of The Beginning’ with clean, sharp and youthful vocals from the great Oz but with a mature, deeper, confident twist. ‘God Is Dead' has a relentlessly melodic, Zen-like dark quality coupled with a somewhat amusing, quirky use of rhyming. 'Loner' is very infectious, the more you listen the more you want to. Echoes of ‘Planet Caravan’ can be heard within ‘Zeitgeist,’ proving that the old Black Magic is still very much alive. Sabbath are back to basics in no uncertain terms…  Like a good whisky age, depth, knowledge and experience will always produce 'true' class!

Amanda Gentle

Monday, 21 January 2013


Renowned for his flashy six-string work with Toto, Steve Lukather has opened a new chapter with his seventh solo release. Lyrically 'inspired' by his troubled past and struggle to regain full health 'Transition' showcases an intuitive melting pot of musical styles which finds him again at his creative peak. Steve's vocal strength is prominent throughout especially on the swampy blues laden 'Creep Motel' which exposes all of his signature whammy moves. In contrast the epic 'Right The Wrong' is a perfect example of the guitarman's songwriting prowess, a slow heartfelt ballad which harmoniously grows into a euphoric rock anthem, while on standout cut 'Rest Of The World' Lukather recreates the charismatic classic rock of guitar legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton. A pleasure pool of jazz, rock and blues which oozes pure emotion!

Jonathan Crampton
ROCK iKON Magazine


Snakecharmer's debut is one of those rare releases that will have classic rock fans firmly believing they have died and gone to heaven. For starters how about a line-up comprising of former members of Wishbone Ash (Laurie Wisefield), Whitesnake (Neil Murray/Micky Moody), Thunder (Harry James), and Heartland (Chris Ousey)?! Add 12 pumping tracks that transport you back to the blues infused rock of early Whitesnake and top it off with Chris Ousey's rasping vocals that draw comparison with the sheer class of Paul Rodgers and you have an absolute stunner of an album. It's all too easy to imagine 'The Cov' belting out 'Guilty As Charged' and 'Smoking Gun' but Mr. Ousey lends his own distinctive vocal tones to the AOR influenced 'Accident Prone', 'Stand Up' and power ballad 'Falling Leaves'. A truly 'unique' record from the very best of British!

Christopher Franklin
ROCK iKON Magazine