Monday, 21 May 2012


Guitar god Joe Bonamassa has reaped his roots for his 13 studio album. Harking back to the glory days of early ‘60s rock n' blues, producer Kevin Shirley has assembled a unique group of musos including Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford. From inspired self-penned originals 'Dislocated Boy', 'Heavenly Soul', 'Somewhere Trouble Don't Go' and the road-tested title track 'Driving Towards The Daylight' to rugged-rock cover versions of Howlin Wolfs' 'Who's Been Talking', Robert Johnsons' 'Stones In My Passway', Tom Waits’ 'New Coat Of Paint', Bill Withers’ 'Lonely Town Lonely Street', Bernie Marsden’s 'A Place In My Heart', Willie Dixon’s 'I Got All You Need' and the Jimmy Barnes classic 'Too Much Ain’t Enough Love' it's a balanced affair highlighting the guitarist's signature style. Another gutsy performance from the blues rock titan - Lucky 13!

Mark Crampton

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Ian Astbury is the closet mainstream rock has ever come to having a genuine medicine man since the demise of the great Jim Morrison. With 'Choice Of Weapon' a lot of the mystical mumbo jumbo that sometimes muddied the message of The Cult’s music has been jettisoned for a more leather-arsed, bike-revved rocking approach that suggests that Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy have made up any musical differences. What we get is an entire album cut from the band's classic sonic cloth of raindance rhythms, cyclical, driving guitar hooks, and impassioned vocals, but with enough variety to stop things getting into a rut. The snarl and spit of 'For The Animals' and the loose-jointed thunder of 'The Wolf' make stand-out tracks and suggest that Astbury and Duffy are still channeling big hairy vibes from the place where only the shaman can go!

Colin Liddell

Friday, 18 May 2012


Eschewing the superstar co-star vocalist carousel that he employed on his previous outing, Slash has kept his touring buddy Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge onboard for the duration of this album and supplemented the line-up with ‘Conspirators’ Brent Fitz on drums and Todd Kerns on bass. 'Apocalyptic Love' boasts more of a band feel and as a result the songs are more cohesive, honed and toned. A flurry of wah-wah introduces the title track which soars into a classic chorus, ‘One Last Thrill’ then explodes with a punk attitude reminiscent of the feral Guns, with Kennedy railing aggressively. ‘You’re A Lie’ is the breakout hit thanks to Slash’s righteous riffing and a contagious chorus. However it is the six-minute 'Anastasia' where the ex-Gunner brings the sound of classic rock kicking and screaming back into the present - Top hat duly doffed!

Joe Mackett


Great White's pure passion for music hasn’t faltered despite 'personnel' trials and tribulations. The band's 12th studio album 'Elation' (featuring original members guitarist Mark Kendall, keyboardist/guitarist Michael Lardie, drummer Audie Desbrow plus ‘fresh fins’ bassist Scott Snyder and XYZ voxman Terry Ilous) showcases a rock n' roll team completely re-charged and re-focused. From the rollicking bluesy rock of '(I've Got) Something For You', and the raucous sassy shuffle of 'Promise Land', to soulful radio-friendly melodic milestones 'Hard To Say Goodbye', 'Love Is Enough' and 'Heart Of A Man' the group's trademark hard rock sound is most definitely back-on-track. Terry Ilous' characteristic vocal delivery is perfect and has proved a 'positive' inspiration. A back-to-basics blues rock album from a band in a state of euphoria!

Mark Crampton