Sunday, 8 July 2012


It’s possibly the greatest humiliation in rock that Gun (after all the great Glaswegian rock they produced) are still best known for covering a song by funksters Cameo. If being ‘Gallus’ and ‘Taking On The World’ mean anything, it means not settling for this. And true to their destiny, they are back with their first studio album in 15 years, fully charged with the desire to rewrite the rock history books. With the legendary Dave Eringa of Manics fame at the console, part of that blistering surge you hear on big, beefy opener 'Butcher Man' is the sound of all the stops being pulled out. Much of the album is laced with an intriguing mix of pop-punk and Americana (for instance 'Lost & Found' is The Byrds meets The Buzzcocks). With a good mix of punchy and wistful songs 'Break The Silence' is clearly an album constructed with heavy duty touring in mind!

Colin Liddell

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