Friday, 1 July 2011


Virtuoso prog-rock legends YES are back with their first studio offering in 10 years. Produced by former frontman Trevor Horn, 'Fly From Here' has all the hallmarks of a classic YES album despite the absence of original vocalist Jon Anderson. Featuring a 're-invigorated' re-union of the Squire/Howe/White/Downes 'Drama' line-up (with the addition of new singer Benoit David) the group's 21st opus is powerful proof that the band continue to be progressive pioneers. The epic 23 minute long title track was initially written by Bugglers Downes and Horn prior to joining the group in the 1980. After YES disbanded in 1981, the duo recorded a second demo, and both recordings became the foundation of new tracks 'We Can Fly' and 'Sad Night At The Airfield'. Sporting lavish Roger Dean cover art the album harks back to the group's halcyon 70s glory days!

Mark Crampton

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