Friday, 11 November 2011


Guitar virtuoso Richie Kotzen erupted onto the rock scene in 1989. His 'signature' custom fender telecaster style riffing has seen him establish his mark with hard rock heavyweights such as Poison and Mr. Big. '24 Hours' is his strongest and most self-assured solo work to date. From the exciting soul fest of the title track to the infectious pop laden 'OMG What's Your Name?' it's an absorbing blend of musical influences. Outstanding gems such as the bitter-sweet 'Get It On' and 'Bad Situation' are truly emotive, while majestic blues rocker 'Love Is Blind' (featuring Jerry Cantrell on backing vocals) and the heart-felt 'Stop Me' (with Richie's daughter August on electric piano) augment an 'inspired' collection of songs. Richie Kotzen is without a doubt one of the most 'underrated' guitarist/singer/songwriters of his generation - completely ‘Unique’!

Mark Crampton

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