Friday, 2 December 2011


A highly crafted and controlled balance of light and shade, mystery, intrigue and ‘scary but beautiful innocence', Nightwish's long awaited concept cornucopia ‘Imaginaerum' is a finely honed and constructed ‘landscape’ of pure aural dexterity. Taster ‘Storytime’ with its classic Abba euro star undertones is by no means out of place and in contrast to ‘Scaretalk’ with its biblical Pink Floyd ‘performance’ conceptual infusions. Nightwish have reached way beyond the boundaries to create something of substance and longevity. Heart-felt  Nordic Metal ballads such as ‘Turn Loose The Mermaids’ and ‘The Crow The Owl And The Dove’ provide a safe haven to grab your breath in anticipation of the final orchestral crescendo of the epic title track 'Imaginaerum'. Visually appealing on its own… even without the movie!

Amanda Gentle

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