Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Calling in veteran songwriter Lou Reed to flesh out their arty inclinations, 'Lulu' sounds like Metallica wanting to emulate The Who, Pink Floyd, and other sophisticated rock acts who have made successful records with narratives. Lou, for his part, has grasped the challenge to relive his überkool 1970s association with Berlin, steering this 'unlikely' project on the works of German playwright Frank Wedekind. Reed does his best to sound poetically left-field ("waggle my ass like a dog prostitute" he croons in a voice that is reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s 'Flesh And Blood') while Metallica dutifully follow-up with their trademark growling arena sized rock riffs. Despite its critics, this record does have its moments, like the rollicking, airy riff of 'Iced Honey' and Reed's powerful performance on 'The View'. Not bad just different - so the mantra goes!

Colin Liddell

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