Monday, 24 October 2011


This, their second album, is jokingly titled ‘III’, but don’t think Chickenfoot are taking their music lightly. Contained within the grooves of this sophomore release are some stonking hard rock tunes crafted with all the expertise you would expect from such high profile musos. Songs such as ‘Big Foot’ which stomps hard and heavy, lead track ‘Last Temptation’ or ‘Up Next’ encompass the basis of the ‘Foot sound, one foot planted in the garden of rock, the other in the house of blues. While Michael Anthony/Chad Smith nail the rhythm section, Joe Satriani’s exquisite guitar is free to express itself in exemplary fashion. Meantime, Sammy Hagar delivers in tremendous style, especially on the ballad 'Come Closer'. There is an infectious joie de vivre surrounding 'III' as it showcases a band doing what they love, and loving every minute of it!

Joe Mackett

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