Monday, 19 November 2012


'Celebration Day' heralds the unique, creative chemistry and craftsmanship which first immortalised Led Zeppelin with 1975's classic 'The Song Remains The Same'. With Jason Bonham eloquently and capably filling his father’s footsteps (demonstrating an ‘encyclopaedic knowledge’ of the essence of Zep rhythms), John Paul Jones on keyboards and bass and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in the driving seat, the stage is set for a memorable DVD event for the millions who were unfortunate enough not to be present for the sold out London gig in 2007. This 16 track exultation of well loved tracks and gig footage (from 'rousing' opener 'Good Times Bad Times' to an epic rendition of 'Kashmir') enables rock's premier band to stand up and be counted ‘to a fresh young audience’ as suggested by guitarman Jimmy Page. The old magic is still strong!

Amanda Gentle

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  1. I watch this with my kids a lot,love watching my 3 year old girl dancing to Trampled Underfoot.