Friday, 21 September 2012


Having already set the world alight with Metal Legends Iron Maiden, Steve Harris hardly needs an introduction. Recording a groundbreaking album is probably the last thing he wanted to do! Harry’s vocalist, Richard Taylor, is a glorious find: softly uttered vocals, this guy doesn’t need to shout to make himself heard, his presence subtly delivered, this most ably demonstrated with the beautiful, melodic vocalising on ‘Us Against The World’. There are some Maiden influences here and there, but these are mostly incidental and predominantly involve Graham Leslie and David Hawkins’ harmonising guitars. Standout tracks the charming ‘Eyes Of The Young’ and sublime end-game ‘The Lesson’ move to 'emphasise' that ‘British Lion’ is not just another rock album. There are layers upon layers that can be peeled back to find its unexpected rewards!

Pippa Lang

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